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In a market that is churning Android powered device after another Android powered device and the obligatory Apple update to its iPhone and iPad brands, it is no wonder people need to look elsewhere if they want to experience something different in the mobile segment. We aren’t really disrespecting Apple and Google’s efforts mind you, we are just stating that there is an alternative if you want to try out something interesting and different. We are talking about the Linux platform – or to be more specific, the freeware, open source operating system which has slowly but surely been expanding its influence on the mobile segment. This is especially interesting for online gaming enthusiasts who want to try a new and largely “hacker-free” platform. More and more online casinos are supporting Linux alternatives and you can read the casino review of Royal Panda casino here.
For several years the mobile market has had some form of Linux support, most of it was wasted (like that Mozilla smartphone that died and faded away from memory) though some excellent devices that run Ubuntu (the most popular mobile version of the OS) are already making strides. Let’s observe the top 5 mobile devices which run Linux and you can get for a brand new mobile experience. 
Let’s begin with the obvious choice- the big Ubuntu phone lineup. The three distinct phones are excellent in each in its own rights, with the lower, mid-range and upper segment being covered by the models. The smartphones run the mobile version of Ubuntu and are supported by a stream of updates. You can click for morein order to get the full on specifics of this offer.
BQ Aquaris E5 HD is the mid-range device that costs 199 euro and comes equipped with 5″ capacitive multi-touch screen and a dragontrail glass that is resistant to scratches and impact. It boasts a 13 mega pixel back camera with autofocus and dual flash, and you can store your photos / videos and other data on its 16 GB internal memory – the phone also has a Micro SD slot which you can use to expand the memory up to 23 GBs. The device itself is stylish and excellent looking, not to mention it weighs only 134 grams and has a Full HD camera and additional two micro SIM cards (a feature not many smartphones have in this day of age).
The second device you should be looking at that runs Ubuntu is BQ Aquaris E4.5 – this is the cheapest of the three, sitting at 170 euro. It can also capture video at 1080 (full HD) though the camera is only 8 mega pixels. The memory is also lowered (only 8 GB’s internal memory) though through the SD slot you can go as high as 32 GB’s. Look-wise it is exactly like the E5 with it having a slightly crappier specs.
Last but not least from the bunch, Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition is the flagship of this offer, with a stylish and truly beautiful design and some pretty amazing specs for a 300 euro device. We are talking 5.36 inch screen with the new Nega liquid crystal technology and LED backlight module, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for that extra toughness and a whooping 20.7 megapixel rear-facing camera that has two LED flashes and autofocus (not to mention a front camera with LED flash as well!). Memory-wise you can store up to 16 GB’s of your favorite games and pictures, and there’s even talk of 4K support soon.
On the completely different end of the price spectrum, the Samsung Tizen is a $99 device that exploded in India, since it could run What’s Up, Facebook and other popular apps all cramped up in a 4″ device. Samsung since then has expanded the line up with more smartphones including the Z1, Z2, Z3 and many more though we are talking about the first model here. This is a very cheap alternative which you can use to power your favorite apps but at a price – the processor is outdated and the camera is poor but if you want a cheap Linux phone you cannot go wrong with the Tizen.
Lastly we have a tablet – the Cube i7-CM which is an 11.3″ inches device with HD display and running an Intel M series processor. It has a Linux based OS which will supply you with enough oomph for your favorite casino action and as a bonus you can view all your content wirelessly if you have a desktop device that is also running Linux.


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