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In this era of technology-based technology, Facebook is one of the social media. But after questioning the safety of information after the Cambridge Analyte Kand, Facebook authorities have been questioned. Many people have already blocked Facebook accounts. Many people are worried about the security of their profile. But if you are a little careful about a few things, it can easily be saved from hackers.
1. Before putting personal information on Facebook, you should keep some things in mind. Hackers get access to all the bank account information easily from the user’s name and address on Facebook. If you share the phone number above it is no longer saved. You can also get phone calls from hackers.
2. Another danger to set up location on Facebook Hackers will know about your location if you set this location. It may not be your home or place of work, but it will not be hard for hackers to find you.
3. The problem is more about friends on Facebook. Oxford Internet Institute Professor Robin Dunbar says, “Many people can be familiar with But a person can have a relationship with 150 friends at the same time. “Dunbar sees Facebook’s 4.1 percent of his friends dependent on the right-hand side and 13.6 percent of the user’s face is seen only for their needs, during their emotional crisis.
Robin thinks it is best to avoid unnecessary friends, users will be good.
4. Never go shopping from any other Facebook page, never give credit card details for any other work. There is also the allegation of having a bank account hacking on this credit card information.
5. Information about boarding passes should not be shared. Because with this pass barcode number hackers can get all the information you have.


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