Make Tor WiFi Router with Raspberry Pi

Tor WiFi Router with Raspberry Pi
Make Tor WiFi Router in 5 Minutes with Raspberry Pi

Surf the Internet securely with your very own portable WiFi VPN/TOR router. You can configure a Raspberry Pi with Linux and some extra software to connect to a VPN server of your choice. The VPN connection encrypts your internet traffic. So that hackers and spies can’t figure out what web sites you are visiting. And the web sites you are visiting can’t tell which computer you are surfing from.

Before working on the project let’s take some important previous knowledge which is important in order to build your own Tor Router.

Need of a Tor Router:

  1. Privacy Protection
  2. Easy To Configure
  3. No need to configure every time for safe browsing
  4. All the Traffic will goes through Tor Nodes and hence Encrypted and Secure
  5. Prevent Spying
  6. For Anonymity
  7.  And many more!!

Guys You all know that your countries’ government, different search engines, and social media sites are spying you all the time and maintaining a record of your browser’s history so that they can show targeted ads from which they earn money.

If you want to see blocked site, encrypt traffic, you have to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) which is costly (Free VPNs are also available on internet, but not safe to use and also their speed is very slow). A lot of configurations have to do before using VPN or Tor.

This Project is mainly based on saving time as we are going to provide you an ISO file. Which has all pre-configurations already done in it. Which is essential to convert Raspberry Pi into WiFi Router and WiFi router to Tor Router.

Use this Tor router as ordinary WiFi router. But all the traffic will goes through Tor Nodes and makes you anonymousTor uses its tor relays or in other works there are many tor supporters in the world, your traffic/request first goes to them and then that traffic/request goes to other tor supporter (Depends on, how much Different regions of IP are in use in order to mask/hide your IP) and at last, this request get receives by the server (e.g.:- As the final request was done by the IP of different region (tor supporter) , server gets the information (IP, Region etc) of that Tor supporter and in this way your IP get hide by the Tor Nodes/Relays.

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To prevent MITM (Man in the Middle Attack), all the traffic is Encrypted by Strong Algorithm (AES; Advance Encryption Standard).

Safety Measures before Using Tor Browser (Very Important)


1. Never Browse in Full screen, Monitoring Sites Can Track You.

2. Never Enter Sensitive Information (like username and password of any type) in any site.

3. Never Do transaction

4. Never Download any this through Tor

5. Serve YouTube, or any site without login.

Friends Tor Browser is very dangerous as it is the gateway of deep web and dark web. So it is suggested, not to visit on any sites with the domain like “.onion”.

It is dangerous beyond your thinking.

So Be Careful!!!!

Follow these configurations of Tor Browser for safe using:-

1. Go to Left Upward Corner, Icon left to Onion Icon


2. Tick All Box>>Ok


1. Go To Left Upward Corner, Icon left to Onion Icon

   >>Options>>Whitelist>>Untick “Script Globally Allowed”>>OK


1. Type “about:config” In search Bar

2. Search>>javascript enable>>Make It False


1. Type “about:config” In search Bar

2. Search>>network.http.send>>Click First(ReferHeader)>>

   “Toggle”>>Insert Value “0”

3. Search>>network.http.send>>Click Second(SecureXSiteRefer)>>



1. Type “about:config” In search Bar

2. Search>>extensions.torbutton.saved.send>>



1. Type “about:config” In search Bar

2. Search>>cookie.cookie>>

   “Toggle”>>Insert value “2”

So finally let’s start the project.

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Material Required

  1. Raspberry Pi model 3B or 3B+
  2. ISO file; Click Here to Download (Size:30 GB Around)
  3. Ethernet Cable for LAN Connection.
  4. Micro USB cable for power supply (You can use Power bank/Mobile charger to give power to Raspberry Pi)
  5. Micro SD Card (32 GB or above) with Card Reader.

Method 1:- How to Make It in Easy Steps

So friends in order to convert raspberry pi into WiFi router and the WiFi router to tor router, there is a lot’s of steps and configurations, which you have done after installing Raspian OS in it.

But I make this whole process very small. As I done the entire configuration in my Raspian OS and then I clone my OS from my hard disk,the after I convert it into an ISO file (that is why its size is so large).

Now you just have to flash that ISO File in your Memory Card using card reader, and then insert that card in your raspberry Pi Board and that’s all, power on your raspberry Pi, you will notice that a new AP(Access Point) of name “TorPi” is created.

You can change the SSID/AP name and password very easily, that I will explain in the end of this project.


  1. First insert the memory card in the card reader and connect the reader with your computer.
  2. Download the ISO Image file from here. Click me to download (Size: 30 GB)
  3. Format your SD card (manually or using software like SD card formatter)
  4. Open any flashing software like- Etcher or Win32diskImager
  5. Flash the ISO file in your memory card (It will take 2 min to flash the ISO image)
  6.  Eject your SD card from your computer
  7. Remove the SD card from the card reader and plugin in the RaspberryPI-3
  8. You need to connect the RaspberryPi-3 with the Internet (use LAN cable coming from your router)
  9.  Power on your RaspberryPi-3 and wait for 1-2 minutes.
  10. That’s all your DIY Tor Router is ready.

Now you can verify that your traffic is now encrypted and going from tor nodes and the IP is also of different region by using the sites like:- “”

The Default AP is “TorPi” and its Password is “sstectutorials”

You can change the password using ssh connection. I will show it in “method 2” section that how you can connect to your raspberry pi using software like putty via ssh connection.

Note:-This ISO file is provided by “sstec tutorials”, Tech Channel , you can subscribe this channel on youtube.

Method 2:- Quite Long But Easy 

So guys if you can’t download this ISO file as it is very large file, so it is suggested to follow this method to make your own tor router using raspberry pi.

Don’t worry, this is also very to understand and follow.

All the material is same like method 1 except the OS file.

Download the Raspbian OS from here. (Size is very small as compared to above ISO file)

Download all these software one by one:-

  1. Putty
  2. Angry IP Scanner
  3. Etcher or Win32DiskImager

Steps after Downloading all the software:-

  1. First insert the memory card in the card reader and connect the reader with your computer.
  2. Format your SD card (manually or using software like SD card formatter)
  3. Open any flashing software like- Etcher orWin32diskImager
  4. Flash the ISO file in your memory card (wait till flashing is completed)
  5.  Re-plug the Card reader to your PC
  6. You have to make a ssh file in the OS file:

Open cmd and type the following commands (Enter without “-“)

-cd (path of memory card; For ex:- cd E:/)

– copy con ssh

-Type anything and then press Ctrl + Z.

If everything goes fine then the ssh file with no extension will make in the directory on memory card.

  • Insert this memory card in your raspberry pi
  • Give power (using Micro USB cable and charger/power bank)and internet connection (using Ethernet cable coming from your router/modem)
  • If you don’t have Router or Modem then you can also use your mobile hotspot

-Connect your PC with your Mobile Hotspot.

-Go to Control panel>>Network and Internet>>Network Connection.

-Go to WiFi interface properties, and  sharing column, allow sharing by ticking the box.

-Select the “Ethernet” from drop-down box.

-Now connect the Ethernet cable to your PC and then to your raspberry Pi.

Steps to Connect the Raspberry Pi Using SSH connection for Configuration:-

  1. Scan and Find the IP of Raspberry Pi using CMD or Angry IP Scanner:

Run the Angry IP Scanner, Give the range of IP (1st Find the IP of your Ethernet, as this tor router is connected to that Ethernet, its IP must be in its range)

Ex- to

  • Copy Raspberry Pi’s IP and Open Putty software (for SSH connection).
  • In Putty software, it will ask for login (default pass of Raspian is “pi”) and the password (default pass: “raspberry”)
  • Copy and Paste these codes in the terminal (or in putty): (Enter these codes without“-“)

-cd Downloads/                   (You can change the path)

-git clone

-cd RPI-Tor-Wireless-Hotspot/

-sudo sh

-y      (if you type “n” then script will automatically get terminates)

-y         (if you are using newer version of Raspbian OS then type “n”)

– (Enter your PiFI SSID) Default SSID: “PiFiTorAP”

– (Enter password)         Default Password: “techchipnet”

-(Press Enter to Reboot your Raspberry Pi)

That’s all, Tor router with the desired AP is ready to use with Tor configuration.

Note:-Script provider is the owner of techchip YouTube channel, you can subscribe if you will.

If you have to change the WiFi SSID and Password, then run this script again and type the new password.


  1. Hi,

    thanks for your work 🙂 !

    I have a Question: can you explain, how I can use the tor-rasperry to connect via wlan to my wlan-router? So that I dont need a lan-cable for connecting the rasperry to my fritzbox.

    I would buy 2 EDIMAX EW-7811UN Wireless USB Adapter.

    But what I need to change?

    Iam a Linux noob btw ^^

    thanks for a anwser 🙂


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